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Rain jacket recommendation for everybody who is searching for a good slim fitting one - i had to spend forever to obtain the best one so thought I'd share

With all the weather starting to turn, I started hunting for a slim-fitting raincoat to maintain me dry of these rainy days.. I ran across "Stutterheim" raincoats from Sweden... what exactly I became searching for, but so freaking expensive... like �400 a jacket! ( Im a student... :cry: soooo..... ) Rain jacket

Anyway I checked other locations, H&M, Topman etc, but couldn't find anything decent, the information was too thin and plastic for me... finally I came across this provider called Ember&Earth on instagram, also it was what exactly I became looking for, so thought I'd share... <a href="http://www.emberandearth.com/">www.emberandearth.com</a> , also it wasn't difficult to find deals online - I used their instagram one, "staydry" and also got 10% off, so the total was �116. In addition they offer free freight and that jazz...

So that's my 2 cents. It was so difficult to find things i wanted, so were required to share..!

Cheers!Rain jacket

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